Applying for a Grant? Need a Quote?

We will be happy to provide you an official quotation to assist with funding applications. Quotations will be provided on company letterhead and include freight charges and GST.

Do it quickly Online

Creating a quote online is easy and it’s just like placing an order. Here’s how:

Step 1
Add items to your cart

Step 2
After adding items to your cart, select the Checkout button. This will take you to the Review Your Cart page.

Step 3
Select the Request a Quote button and confirm your details.

Step 4
Our customer service team will reply quickly with the official quotation

The quote will also be saved under My Quotes in your account profile. You can come back to the store anytime to complete the purchase by progressing through the shopping cart, update the quote based on funding received, or even e-mail the quote to others.

You may create as many quotes as you like and they will all be saved ready to use.

E-Mail, Fax or Post

You may e-mail the list of items to be quoted. Please add codes if possible and include full delivery details.

If you wish to fax, post or scan and e-mail the quote request please print an order form and complete the details.

Fax: +64 3 343 4054
Mail: Speed Power & Stability Systems, PO Box 8757, Christchurch, New Zealand