Force Hook Contact Shield

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The Force Contact Shield is multi- purpose tackling and breakdown training piece of kit.

  • The unique curved / hook head design allows for powerful contact whilst keeping the holder protected. A wide range of physical contact skills can be practised at high-intensity.
  • Front on tackling timing, target zone, body position, in and load up powerful wrap and drive technique.
  • Breakdown training for low body position, cleaning through and flip techniques.
  • Position the shield up or down to simulate varying angles.
  • Heavy duty webbing and PVC covers with solid foam inner to absorb maximum impact.
  • Design includes vent holes in the cover to reduce stress on the seams.
  • Quality webbing handles. Rot proof marine grade thread for long life in all conditions.
  • Only R80 Tackle Bags come with Free Coaching Video Downloads.


Only R80 Tackle Bags come with Free Coaching Video Downloads. 

* Bonus Free Contact & Continuity DVD Video Download.
* Online videos are loaded to a personal library at the time of purchase for immediate viewing. Simply select My Digital Resources from the menu drop down to watch the drills.

**Buy 6 or more and enjoy Free a full set of 9 Crusaders Series Coaching DVDs Video Download. 200 minutes of quality drills to suit coaches and players from school age through to international level.

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