XLR8 Multi-Coloured Fastfoot Ladder

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Fire up your footspeed with the Multi-coloured Fastfoot Ladder. The original and still the best.

  • Enjoy all the benefits of standard ladders with so much more.
  • The 4 × 2m (7ft) coloured ladders can be set up in endless formations guaranteed to take your agility training to another level.
  • Quickly connect colours to create longer 4m, 6m or 8m ladder formations.
  • The colour sections offer hundreds of new variations to your footspeed training sessions.
  • By changing the foot pattern as you reach a new colour you can add visual responses, command interpretation, recall, precision and more fun to your fitness and agility sessions.
  • By far our most popular speed and agility tool. Thousands sold world wide.

Only our Ladder is supplied with a Free programme for the most effective training.

  • Bonus Free Super Agility Multi Coloured Ladder Drills Video Download.
  • Bonus Free Ladder speed programme ebook.
  • Online videos and ebooks are loaded to a personal library at the time of purchase for immediate viewing. Simply select My Digital Resources from the menu drop down to watch the drills.

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