XLR8 Strength Band Small - Blue

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Strength Bands are an ideal rugby conditioning tool. Light weight, portable and low cost. Use indoor or out.

  • Blue size band is next level up from red with heavier resistance.
  • 1m long x 2.90cm wide.
  • The rubber overload means you can train everything from strength exercises to power, speed and rugby specific skill/conditioning drills.
  • For outdoor group field training, they suit general strength exercises, loaded agility and breakdown drills.
  • Strength and endurance exercises are perfect for juniors and adolescent players due to the controlled load and ease of use.
  • Run a full band conditioning workout or include as part of a session.
  • In the gym the bands safely increase the intensity of a workout without adding additional weights to a bar.
  • Resistance load is determined by exercise and stretch.
  • Choose a band resistance that suits the drill or players strength levels. Resistance levels in order are Purple (Lightest Load), Red, Blue, Green and Black (Heaviest Load).
  • Two bands are recommended as most power and movement based drills work much better with two bands connected. Bands can be looped together or connected by a Strength Band Connector with Grip Strap.
  • Band training suits all levels.
  • Note all bands are 1m loop length, the resistance is increased through the width of the rubber. Wider band = greater load.
  • Not sure which bands will suit you? Give us a call 03 3434053.

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