390 Speed Agility and Conditioning Drills OnlineVideo

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Get it all! Our full library of popular training DVDs offers an amazing selection of drills together in one online set.

  • Over 4 hours of instruction from 10 DVDs
  • 390 drills.
  • Includes multiple drills for over 17 popular training tools found in equipment sheds, training bags and gyms all around the world.
  • Suitable for all levels and a must have for all teachers, personal trainers, coaches and sportspeople.
  • Full value of these titles is $145, you save over $65 by purchasing this full online set offer.

Collection titles:
1. Resisted Sprinting Training DVD
2. Overspeed and Loaded Agility Training DVD
3. Super Quick Feet Training DVD
4. Reactive Speed Training DVD
5. Power Plyometrics Training DVD
6. Hurdle Training DVD
7. Agility Poles DVD
8. Multi-Coloured Ladder Drills DVD
9. Quickness and Agility For Sport DVD – Vol 1
10.Quickness and Agility For Sport DVD – Vol 2

Online videos are loaded to a personal library at the time of purchase for immediate viewing. See tab below for full details on how to watch online videos.

Additional Information

Online Videos

Online Videos are delivered instantly for immediate viewing once your purchase is complete.

Why choose an Online Video?

  • Lower price.
  • No delivery cost.
  • Immediate viewing.
  • Watch your drills on demand, anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Watch on desk tops, laptops, smart phones and tablets.
  • Quick and easy access from wherever you are in the world.
  • Share with multiple people.
  • Videos are delivered in a resolution to suit connection speed for a seamless viewing experience.
  • Videos are stored in your own online library which is securely held behind your login for easy quick access when you need it.

Here’s how!

Once you have created an account and purchased your online video.

Step 1- Log In


Step 2- Select My Digital Resources from the drop down box


Step 3 – Choose the video you wish to watch


Step 4 – Click play and enjoy, it's that easy! 


Equipment featured: 

  • Ladders
  • Coloured Ladders
  • Agility Cross Ladders
  • Hurdles
  • Speed Chutes
  • Speed Resistors
  • Sped Sleds
  • Agility Marker Sports
  • Reactive Balls
  • Plyo-X
  • Overspeed Trainers
  • Plyo Platforms
  • Weighted Vests
  • Power Jumpers
  • Super Reacta Balls
  • Agility Poles
  • Evasion Belts
  • Marker Cones

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