Complete Speed eTraining Programme for Rugby

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The best rugby speed, agility and power training programme you will find. Best selling ebook paired with quality online video drills guaranteed to develop game winning speed, agility and power.

  • Perfect for individual players, coaches or trainers. Easy to follow content and video drills.
  • Suits any stage of the season, all positions and playing levels.
  • Full colour A4, 80 pages, 9 chapters, over 75 drills. Quality imagery and graphics for clear instruction.
  • 9 online videos, 138 minutes 248 drills with clear set up, safety and training level instruction.
  • Bonus 90 page 120 training drill ebook.
  • Unlike other books and DVDs on the market this resource is written by leading New Zealand rugby fitness experts who have applied their trade from junior through to Super 15 and International level.
  • Plan an entire off and pre-season programme, or pick drills and sessions to run a quality training session any stage of the year.
  • Download the ebook and watch the online videos anytime anywhere and on any device.
  • With a combined value of $206.89 save over $140 on this comprehensive online training package.

Additional Information

Speed Training for Rugby eBook

  • Easy to follow presentation of drills caters for players or coaches, individuals or teams, fitness professionals or beginners. You set the level.
  • Prepared sessions for quick and easy set up.
  • Workout tables with drills, reps, sets, rest periods and guidelines to suit all levels.
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced drill and session options. Session and season planning.
  • Download right after purchase, save the PDF or print A4 pages if you prefer paper.
  • No delivery delays, lower prices and quickly access from any device.

Chapters Include:

  • Modern Multi Directional Speed for Rugby
  • Speed Mechanics / Technique Drills. Yes also, includes video instruction.
  • Footwork / Footspeed. Yes also, includes video instruction.
  • Resisted Sprinting and Acceleration. Yes also, includes video instruction.
  • Overspeed and Assisted Sprinting. Yes also, includes video instruction.
  • Evasion & Agility. Yes also, includes video instruction.
  • Cone based Quickness Drills. Yes also, includes video instruction.
  • Season and Session Planning

Online Videos

138 minutes 248 online video drills with clear set up, safety and training level instruction.
  • Superspeed Warm Up Drills
  • Fastfoot Ladder Drills
  • Multi Coloured Ladder Drills
  • Resisted Sprinting Training
  • Mini Hurdle Training
  • Reactive Speed Drills
  • Overspeed and Loaded Agility
  • Power Plyometrics
  • Cone Based Agility Drills

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