Taktifol Rugby Whiteboard Sheets

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The whiteboard in your pocket.

  • Each roll has 25 sheets, which are easily separable at the perforations. great value for money with each sheet costing only $2.76.
  • Sheet dimensions are 60 × 80 cm.
  • Made from a revolutionary statically-charged material, these sheets adhere automatically to common surfaces like glass, metal, wood or plastic and can be positioned and repositioned several times without leaving a trace behind.
  • No more cumbersome boards or messy papers to carry. Whether in the change room or out in the field, Taktifol Sheets will be ready to go when you need them.
  • A clear advantage for rugby union coaches, especially at away games. You won’t have to carry a tactic board or deal with old disused whiteboards. Simply tear off a Taktifol sheet, hang it up and start the tactics discussion.
  • Each sheet has an electrostatic charge enabling it to stick to almost any surface.
  • With a pre-drawn rugby union field already on the sheet your message can be delivered quickly and with precision.
  • Taktifol also offers the possibility to prepare essential information in advance at home with permanent marker.
  • 100% Recyclable.

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